Saturday, August 28, 2010


Velvet shades of crimson rage Slide down sill to cloak my eyes in violent waves of roiling cloth.

Inspiration in a Pail by JL Denman

It was pail
metal and dented
nothing queenly
nothing demure
...nothing kind
White washed
smashed in the side
A pail thing rusting in the wet winter rain

Then I saw
it slip into something fine
silvered and renewed
Droplets of crystal glittering between over cast clouds
picking up the sunlight striving to peek through

Dents changed to curvatures
rust turned to reflecting pools catching water
stirring it rouge

Grass beneath, cradled the over turned tin
From its roots a peek of yellow begins
Sturdy green flesh twisting up toward the playful sun
A wee puff bud spun through with faint orange wisps
Precious dainty tulip

I found inspiration in a bucket
rusting and withering away to
nourish beauty in its decay.


Sassy by JL Denman 2009

Lick your lips shake your hips put that funky sway into your back. Paint them nails swish your tails put that sexy swagger in your pants booty working boobies perkin' up the boys, such sass! But watch out girl it's a whole new world [when 40's on your ass]