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preBYB #6 _Culture

1) For each of your races, what is/are the religions associated with it?

A) How has this religion affected their culture?

B) What customs has this religion given to the culture?

C) What religious holidays do your races celebrate?

2) What customs does the culture have that aren’t to do with religion?

A) How did they come about?

B) Are they always followed by everyone in the culture?

C) What non-religious holidays do your races celebrate?

3) Write a holiday, be it religious or non-, that one of your MCs is celebrating. Describe in as much detail as you can where it came from, and try to integrate it into the prose in a way that doesn’t seem like info dumping.

1) Humans have the same religious backgrounds as current populations (this includes the disbelief in religion as well).
Demons have no religion. They value only conquest and the desire to fulfill every indulgence. They are ruled by greed, anger, etc. They abhor humans for their ability to believe as well as for their dejected, state (i.e. favor of God rests on humans not demons).
Fallens once served God They have however, been tainted by non-belief or other negativity/betrayal of purpose. Some wish to regain their status others revel in the fall.

Humans celebrate traditional holidays.
Demons and Fallens celebrate none. However, they use their knowledge of traditional holy days from a wide variety of human cultures to achieve their own goals. They do not worship but they do know various information about astronomy as windows and ways to powers (i.e like back doors to God's creations and rules).

2) Although the rituals are not "religious", both demons and Fallens observe rituals to achieve their ends. I.e. to open windows requires blood sacrifices, etc. These rituals go back to ancient times and cultures like Babylon, Egyptian.
Angels observe Heaven Holy Days- I haven't really established these yet. It will require a little more research into biblical ceremonies.

3) Quick Quip
The 12 surrounded the zodiac compass points. Each body was shaved, head tattooed with the zodiac sign and the ancient rite. The chosen knelt. Their long white cloaks covered their entire frames. The edges floating on the blood painted floor. The cloak tips soaked up the spilt life force. The fibers turned red and crept up the fabric like a slow crimson tide pool.
The twelve demons held the black leather thongs tethering the chosens' bound hands. Darmetheous encanted quietly. His purple flesh gleamed in the flames surrounding the rock alter. His deep voice resonated within his throat.
The heavy black marble clock with its skeletal bone hands ticked down the moments. As his eagerness rose, Darmetheous' chanting grew stronger, more insistent., The fevered pitch increased. The earnest increased. The yellow fire sparked from his eyes. His antlers rocked back and forth side to side in a frenzied rush. He raised his thickly muscled arms. Chanting.
The twelve chosen swayed drunkenly to Darmetheous' demonic fervor.
the clock struck the first tone of midnight. The first demon raised his weapon, sliced through the first chosen's throat. Gush of blood filled the circular crevice as he fell forward. stroke two- the same.
Stroke 12 the same. Their blood commingled filling the concentric circles and flowed slowly to the center alter where the 13th lay shackled with iron chains. Where Keres stood on the opposite side ready to open the Window that would free Darmetheous.

At the stroke of midnight he would be free.

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pre-BYB 5- Reaces

So your questions for today!

1) What races are in your setting?

A) How did they get there? Were they always there?

B) Are they the majority? The minority?

C) Your main characters’ races - are they in the majority or the minority? How does this affect them?

2) The races you’ve determined, figure out what cornerstones you need to use. Figure out if they will run into any racism, and why they run into it. Don’t just add racism as a conflict because there is nothing else.

3) Write about how the races in your novel get along. Use it as an excerpt with either your MC experiencing something due to his/her race, or maybe just a recount like a textbook. Either way, knowing how the people/creatures in your novel get along is going to help out when your MC crosses that country line and finds himself nearly eaten by werewolves because dwarf meat is delicious.

Races are same as modern times.
There are however, demons, gargoyles, imps, Fallens, and angels.
All of these races have been here since before humanity was created. They arrived as punishment for having turned against God. Angels and Fallens are the most powerful beings. They are abundant. Angels have their original powers from God. Fallens have been stripped down of most powers. Depending on the level of punishment, they have varying levels of power left and various restraints applied to their banishment. Fallens typically control the demon population since they are lesser creatures. However, demons have more freedom to roam because they were spawned of evil. Some demonic princes are almost as powerful as Fallens. This tends to create a volatile community as they jockey for control of the between or positions in hell.
2) N/A Races battle for power and position not because of ethnic hatred.

3) Quick Quip

Trag kowtowed in fear. Darmetheous was not to be trifled with. He had already defeated a clan of seeker demons. They were not an easy lot to dispatch. Seekers were secretive, even more so than other demons. They were the ones sent to spy out and influence mankind when a particular demon had a very specific target in mind., They could appear as mist and shadow or not at all. Their forms were hardly corporeal. They often shimmered in and out of visible phase. No other demon had as much skill and practice at this sort of magic. Seekers were a hard lot to kill and Darmetheous, had solidified his reign of the Between y wiping out a clan- 200 seekers, in one fell swoop. The next clan of seekers surrendered to his might without much fight. Now they were his own personal arsenal of poisonous thought implants. The consummate secret weapon against mortals, other Fallens, and most lower demons. Trog had no wish to tangle with Darmetheous. He was the strongest Fallen. Now with the complicity of the seekers, Darmetheous could achieve almost anything. As long as he ruled over the demonic bloodhounds, he was unstoppable. There was no way to stop him from getting revenge on mortals either. He blamed them for his banishment. Trog snorted at this. Darmetheous was several things but a victim he was not, yet he insisted on blaming mortals for his lost position. Severs him right, Trog thought to himself. Quickly he shook his ragged head and pushed the thought aside. Nothing was safe.

Wriyear 2011 pre_BYB 4

1) How many years back do you want to have your history?

A) If it’s on Earth, what three key points do you want to have memorized?

B) If it’s dealing with recent history, does anything from the way-back past (think a story in high school where they talk about colonial America in school) factor in, in an important way?

C) If you’re making up your history, what are three key points from the past that is important?

(You’ll need more than this of course, but here’s a starter!)

2) Take each of your main characters and go through their backstory. We’ll have further character sheets later on, but for now, tell me a bit about what each one has been through, at least three things.

3) Combine both questions! Write a short passage about your character’s recent history in relation to their backstory. Does something happen that makes them remember a scene from the past? Maybe they saw an ex and it’s tearing their heart out? Anything that helps you intertwine backstory and history, because you’ll be doing it a lot!


1) Since I am going to try and create a series I am not sure how many years back it will go. The first story, Dregs is modern. The whole story takes place within 6 months of the climactic event.
The historical key point would be 200 hundred years ( I may make their exile longer) before the current event. This would mark the punishment of Darmetheous and Adhelmar.
The history of the Between would have to be based on the expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven, the first murder among humans, and the Great Flood.

1) turned against God.
passed over for promotion
trapped in the Between as punishment

Darmetheous often thinks of what he lost and that it is the fault of humans.
2) Adhelmar
tricked into killing a servant of God
banished to earth, stripped of most powers, left with near immortality, must earn back his place in Heaven.
got his first charge killed by demons

Adhelmar thinks often of revenge on Darmetheous. However, he also has a similar viewpoint about humans.

placed in an abusive foster home

There are several other characters but the back story is done for most of them.

Wriyear 2011 Geo 3

1) What are the mountain ranges around your setting, if any?

A) If based on a real place on Earth, are there any stories associated with the mountain ranges? Myths? If you’re making up the place, do you want there to be any stories associated with the ranges, or myths?

B) How long are the mountain ranges?

C) Do the mountain ranges stretch into another country, or form a natural border to another country?

D) Can the people of your setting cross the mountain ranges? Do they often?

2) What are the rivers/oceans around your setting, if any?

A) If based on a real place on Earth, are there any stories/myths associated with the rivers/oceans?

If you’re making up the setting, do you want there to be any stories/myths associated with the rivers/oceans?

B) How long are the rivers? How wide are the oceans?

C) Do the rivers stretch into another country, or form a natural border to another country?

D) Can the people of your setting cross the rivers/oceans? Do they often?

3) What other geographic structure are in your setting? Steppes, plateaus, plains, valleys, anything of note? Are there any stories/myths associated with these places?

4) Two options today:

A)Write the account of someone on the mountain range/river/ocean, looking at your country. Describe how s/he feels at this place, how they use the place to their advantage. Describe the area around it, and how hard it was to trek up the mountain, ford the river, get the boat onto the ocean, anything as long as it has to do with focusing on your geographic structures.


B) Write a myth involving one of the structures you’ve spoken about before. If it’s a real place, then write an interpretation of the myth!

(or do both, if you're really bored!)

1) No mountain ranges In the Between there is a gulf a ceiling which demons and Fallens can only temporarily cross. There is permanent escape but it can only be done on certain astrological events with the specific help of humans with Window powers. Both instances are rare and far beweteen. Crossing over longer than permitted results in excruciateing pain and a whiplash like pull back into the BEwteen and extended loss of power.
The is no way to cross into Heaven. Demons, Fallens, Angels can be summoned. However only Angels can freely traverse teh Ladder. the entrance is guarded by angels with flaming swords.

2) Rivers in teh Between are lava, they flow in various places and shift often. They all flow into the Pit.

Rivers in Heaven are pure and encircle the city. One flows steadily from the foot of God's throne. The myths associated with the Heaven River- cleansing, word of God in liquid form, is the dew that watered earth before the Flood. Fountain of Eternity. Maybe so others.
Maybe if the Heaven River is tainted with the lava?

3) nothing different from modern times

4) He used to sit at the top of the river. He'd look down over the edge of Heaven to the globe of earth. His keen eyes piercing layers of clouds and searching out the hearts of the people below. It often annoyed him what he say. the fighting., The injustice, the self indulgence. Here he and his kind were made superior to those ants below, his kind consistently gave thanks and warred in the name on behave of these that scurry below. Yet they rarely deemed themselves beholden enough to even look up and acknowledge the truth.

Now he spent hours on the other side of the river, looking up into the Heaven over the boundary. Spires of gold shimmered in never ending sun. a green rainbow like slick emerald vibrated 360 degrees around the throne. its hues changing the entire spectrum of green light. Warrior angels wings pinioned with swords and quivers marched up and down the high roads. 12 feet tall, even the smaller ones were magnificent. White robes, heavy armour, sandaled feet radiance streaming from their faces, the marched the high hills keeping watch. Gold streets in the valley filled with souls of the saints. These things he saw from the outside, outside- the wrong side, the self determined side. He could attempt to ride the river, but he would instantly burn.

Wriyear 2011 Geography 2

So today’s set of questions and exercises will have us thinking about just how important it is to know about where our novel is set.

1) Where is your novel? Is it a real place on Earth or is it made up, either on Earth or another planet?

A) If it’s on Earth, what countries are nearby? If it’s made up, what realms/kingdoms/places are right beside them?

B) Are there any specific historic days you’ll have to research/make up? Don’t go into too much detail; there’s a whole exercise worth of history.

C) Who is the leader of your land for the time period of your choosing? Once again, there will be a whole section on politics so you don’t have to go into detail.

2) What’s the climate of your land?

A) What type of food do they eat as a result of this climate?

B) Does it have excessive snow/rain/drought/wildfires?

C) Name one tradition, whether it be outdated or made up for your world, that is because of climate.

3) Write a short description of your place. Focus on the climate, and how it feels in winter and summer. Speak of what grows there, and what types of activities the people partake in. Snowball fights, lacrosse games, surfing, vine swinging - you name it. Do they need to farm often? Are they mostly an export/import nation? Does this have anything to do with the leader (in brief)?

Geography is the same as modern day USA. The map has not changed.
The realms would be the Between, Heaven , Hell, and The Pit. I will most likely have to research some religious holidays and their pagan counterparts. I will also need to do a bit more stellar research in relation to the religious tombs.

The leadership of my world will still be USA presidency. However, sovereignty of the Between is controlled by whichever powerful demon or Fallen can gain control and maintain it. Ultimately the limits are controlled by God (i.e. the most powerful demon/.Fallen is really only able to work within the boundaries similarly to a viceroy).

2) Climate of earth is the same. Maybe an inclusion of more natural disasters as points to the end of the world and demonic activity. Heaven's climate is perfection 75, always sunny, no weather disturbances. On special holy days, it will "rain" crystal flakes like snow. However, in each flake is a visible representation of a good deed done in the service of God. When they fall to the golden streets the transmute and flow to a central river. The Between climate is hot, sulfuric, brimstone, lava,. It is always reddish darkness. Lava geysers spurt, etc. Black stalactites form charms of rock. Hell's climate is ten times worse, at least. Constant fire, wailing, torment. The Pit is absences, black fire. Noxious.

A tradition is Christmas as usual.

Short Clip:

He hated it here. The darkness and heat. Red was never his favorite color. He looked around his throne room, meager hellish Red rock crumbled along the walls. Noxious fumes puffed like great dragons through crevices and notches. He had had gargoyles and demon faces carved into the steaming festering floors. Each breathed forth its own rush of black, grey, or red dust. His skin sweltered. He looked down at his bulging arms. He remembered when his skin was fair, light. It glistened like gold fleck during the battles. His hair flowed about his head and his six wings like auburn flags waving in the glory of God. His high brow arched with disdain as he fought against the imps and principalities. Glorious, he had been glorious. Now, the hot redness, the gaseous fumes had turned him. His skin had darkened to deep purple plum. His veins bulged black eggplant and brown. His hair had shriveled.
He growled violently, the echo reverberating through the cavernous Between. He hated this wretched prison! Nothing grew here. The inhabitants simply existed to await their final punishment, it was torture cell. The only thing to do, plan escape. Escape he would.

These are the questions for the first workshop in Wriyr BYB

I'm thinking of expanding my NANO 2010 novel so that I can write a series of novels within that world. I've never attempted a series of novels but I like the idea. Let's see if I can try something new for 2011!!

1) Is your time period one that has occurred on Earth, or is it based on one that occured on Earth? A) Are you going to use real people from that time as characters, whether it be based on them or not? B) Do you know enough of the time period of history to have a good feel for it? C) Find at least three sites/books that can help you during research (if you need it)

My time period overall is modern. It is United States during the 2000-2025.

I am not going to use real people. The characters will be based on types of personalities of our contemporary time period. Since it it basically a NOW story there is not much need to do extensive research. The major portion of research woul dbe with mythology, biblical timelines, and prophecies.

Sources: 1) Bible 2) 3)

2) Is your setting going to be historical, contemporary or futuristic? A) Why is this time period best for your novel? B) Is there anything you need to invent in order to convey your setting correctly? C) List three things that will be time period specific for your setting. 3) Take the time to write a passage, page, or couple of pages of your setting. Throw a character in it, and have them explore the land. Write it as a page in a history book that a student would read. Make it a narrative full of pretty words and sparkling images. Is your time period easily determined within these few paragraphs?

The setting is contemporary with flashbacks to various eras in time which works best since there is an awakening of spirituality, yet there is also a tremendous anti-christian/ skeptical mindset. Since a lot of people do not believe it makes the secret working of demons etc. work. No inventions needed.

Cell phones, computers, satellites would be time specific

Short Clip

Dingy streets crowded with defeated humanity played tragic scenes before Adhelmar's window. Every Friday a man with a heavy grizzled beard stood on the corner. A brown tattered coat hung loosely from his immaciated shoulders. Baggy khaki pants patched repeatedly with old newspaper and left over bread loaf ties drowned the lower half of his frame.

At noon tragic bustled and horns honked anxiously. Red speed cars, a few slick silver luxury cars whizzed up the street, like they were escaping from some unseen horror. Other more beat up vehicles clunked along the streets. Rusted, busted, reflections of the battered people in the neighborhood, the cars struggled up the roads.

Red and brown brick buildings with broken windows looked sad. Dingy laundry flapped from the higher levels.

Adhelmar fumed inside, Unjust punishment among dregs.

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I signed up for National Novel Writing Year 2011. I have for the last 3 years but never get far. This year I am actually excited to get back to a regular routine of writing!