Friday, November 27, 2009

Winner! NANO 2009

Ok I got 10, 236 words written on Black Friday. I went ahead and consolidated my total November word count and verified on the site. Turns out I had 3K more than I thought!!!! 78,588 total so far!!!!

I am not sure I have the steam to write 10K words for the next two days straight! We shall see. But December is NANO finishing month. I plan on signing up for that.

10,000 word in one Day- Black Friday Writing Challenge DONE!! BAM!!!

Over in NANO they had a Black Friday Challenge to write 10,000 words in one day! I took that challenge and knocked it out of the park!!!!!! YES! I have now written 10,236 words in one day!

10,000 words is 40.. yes count them 40 pages of story written!!
That puts me at 23,532 words for the second NANO novel
75,532 words for the month.

Monday, November 23, 2009

50,115 yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so hit 50k words tonight! I hit the mark! Yes. I am so pumped! YES BABY!!!!!! NANO 2009 won!!! I rock! I rock so hard! YES!!!!!

I am thinking of doing something totally crazy! I am thinking of starting the second novel tomorrow sometime. Yes, a second 50,000 word novel in 7 days. Can I do it? I have no idea! Mainly because I have no idea of what to do for the second story! I don't write with out lines so that is out of the question! If I write an outline I KNOW I will NOT make it- they stifle me!

We shall see what happens. If I can get in 2 days of 10K words each, I should be able to get 50k more words. If I write erotic I shoudl be able to do so but I am not sure that is what I want to write.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Paranoid Inside by JL Denman 2009

Here is an excerpt from Delirium, my NANO 2009 novel. Enjoy!

Paranoid Inside (NANO excerpt Delirium by JL Denman 2009

Paranoid on the inside.

Sometimes I'm crazy. People, they stare at me from behind wide eyes. Why?

Stop looking at me! What is wrong with you? Keep your eyes in your own head. Don't stare. look away. Stop that. Plotting. Are you plotting on me? Are you? You back there planning my demise? You, you over there in the bushes, what are you doing? Why do you have a camera? Stop filming me. This ain't no Truman Show. Get out of my yard. Yes, I see eyes everywhere. Looking, blinking, starring, making those slitted looks at me. Stop it.

I hear you. What? You stop, you. Stop that whispering! Behind. Behind my back- I know you are there! I hear you. I hear the words you want to hide, but I know. I know deep down inside that you are just a mess. You want to purge your mess on to me. Stop following around with your gossiping mouths. I don't need you. Stop that. Keep away from me . Stop talking! Stop it!

My hands fly to my hears. Eyes close. Head shakes. Hair twitches uncontrollably.

Stop it Stop it Stop it! Go away!

Paranoid inside.

I feel you breathing down my neck. Get off.

Flick. Slap at the invisible hands? Fingers? No! Talons click and snap at my shoulders.

Keep away. Keep them far away!

Growl. Grit teeth.

I hate you. Don't touch me with your filth. Go! Get. Move March get away!

Screams. Shouts. Echoes bounce off of dead walls and bone skulls. paranoid inside. Move! Don't you do it. Don't you touch me. I hate you did you do that. Flinch. Twitch., eyes closed down like lopsided shutters Stop get away. twitch Paranoid inside. they plot on me. I see them. Crazy people with gnashing teeth and bleeding gossip gums they talk and talk and talk and talk and talk behind my back. blood drooling on my bones as the y do. I know I know you! You bastard! You did it. Keep your fetid breath from my ear. Go away. Flinch left. Twitch right. Shiver . Cold.- the wind of the yacking and plotting and scrying and crying makes me cold so cold. Ice cold. Glacier cold. Need warmth not heat here Paranoid inside. They are trying to kill me. Freeze me out. Freeze me. Block of black ice. Slick! they try to chisel me. They do stop! You did it. Hair flies. Black brown strands string around in frantic webs.

Stop! Leave me alone. I hate you! Go.

Finger, knuckle white, points. Teeth clatter. Bite the tongue.

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Strop!

Shake furiously. Paranoid inside. Faster turn turn turn around. F aces move like blurs, swirl- no twist into distorted faces. Noses become eyes. Eyes become teeth. Always teeth yack. Lips flap. They spread wide... wide... wide... sliced in gruesome faces. White, white, always white face and eyes twist and churn. No eyes- blind. No ears- deaf. No mind- dumb.

Stop! Stop! Stop! H

Hand flies to ears. Double over over over over again and over again. and .. more


Screams. Shaking shoulders heave. Lungs squeeze. Shoot. Bang!

Stop, drop dead?

Not dead. They plot and shoot and try to kill me. Paranoid inside.

Where are all your faces?

Dimmed- turned black ash. No faces? No words? Yes. Faster. Faster spin everything, spinning. Blink fast, faster. Constantly eye wide. Lid closed half pulled shutters over.

Double over again. Fall. Ground hard. Knees crushed under weight. Pointing fingers laughing laughter giggles, jest, jest, and cheers! Everything faster and spinning curled over again double in on self. Paranoid inside every side outside.

Paranoid delusions?

No! Truth! Real! Reality! They do it. They do it again. Over and over they talk and jeer. Stop!

Screams. Fetal position. Knees to chest. Head covered. Eyes squinted tight shut against the visions.

That noise!

The noise- the talk, the scratching at bars, the scratching at shields- never stops.

No protection!

Paranoid inside, around sides, outsides. Cover cower. Hide.

Stop! Stay away. free me! Help! No! Plotting. Plotting to kill me dead here and now. Stop ! Help!

No help for you. We win!~We win.

Rattling yawns crashing waves dark laughter dark taunting. Fetal position hiding.

No escape!

Go! Leave! Stop your plotting on me. Leave me alone!


Dance the dance of the cabal!

Taunt tease vivisect! No!

Hide! Protection? Where?

Paranoid inside.

Where are you?

I feel them press. Hateful people. Hateful faces. Hateful words. Stab at me.

They have knives! Oh!

Crouched in on self. Deeper. Hide escape. Hide!


Convulse. Spasm. raucous .


Screams! Screams! Shouts and tears!

Paranoid inside, around sides, outsides.



Paranoid inside.

@ all rights reserved

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New cover art

Copper Waves- Thanks Linda Rosa for the tut

I just finished this piece this morning around 2:30 AM. I need to make a clasp because I have a big fat wrist and the cuff barely comes past my wrist bones. I love the design. I already have ideas for alterations.
You can find the tutorial from Linda Rosa here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Novel change and words words words

I don't like where my novel is heading. I thought it was going to go with the Xing out of you title. However, over the last 3-4 days it has drastically changed to some other wild wordy creature! It fits more along the lines of an insane random diary for who? I am not sure. Of course every piece is in some form some part or parts of me, but I am not sure who the main character is anymore. Actually for this one, I never really had one in mind. So now I am chaning the title to Delirium or Delirium Pitch. I'm thinking Delirium sounds righ though.

So I go to sleep tonightwith a 22,300 words count and a new title with some new direction! Deliruim by JL Denman 2009 NANO * Now we'll see if it actually sticks.*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grand totals

I've been writing like a mad woman today. I am not sure how all the pieces will fit in the end, but I have written 5057 words today!! that brings my grand total to 13,290 words! I plan on doing some more writing later. But I think I need a break!! EEEK.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mint Condition concert

So just got back from the Mint Condition concert in Cincy! The first two acts were cool. Eric Bennet- not that impressed. But it was totally cool to do something different. We got our tickets autographed and of course I took a butt load of pictures! My sis is going to post them and I'll post a few as well! Cool!

I also am at 8800 words on my NANO novel. I am about to write some more before I crash.

Monday, November 2, 2009

day 2 - Nov2 Help from my friends

Alright pals o mine! Nov 2nd Drop me a line or a quote or a photo, etc. to incorporate into a piece for NANO novel 2! I look forward to hearing something for someone out there! EEEk :)

thanks Nona & Corrina for two prompts for yesterday, Nov. 1st!!!