Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blue by JL Denman






Whale song sounds in the background.

Airy strings strum.

Sparkling flutes and woodwinds lilt on the breeze.


The room was the feel and essence of blue, azure, cerulean.

It felt like blue,





Blue surrounding, swirling languidly.

Enormous whales drift purposefully through the shimmer.

Tropical fish school.

Plankton, coral reflect and refract turquiose

Blue... feels like silver safety.

Fat girls Don't Cry, We Bounce! by JL Denman

Fat Girls don't cry, We bounce ( This poem lead to my 2nd novel by the same name. It was written for National Novel Writing Month 2 years ago.)

Fat girls don’t cry
We bounce
Bounce back
too much to deal with to be trampled. Molested, pressed down like dough.

Fat girls don’t cry
We hug
Hug ourselves
too short to live in a blubbery cage weighted down by you disapproval.

Fat girls don’t cry
We float
Float up
too effervescent to be demoralized by your oppressive disdain.

Fat girls don’t cry
We shine
Shine brightly
too gorgeous to be confined to 6 or 9 stamped on a model behind.

Fat girls don’t cry
We know
Know much
too much too much about rejection by your skinny pale kind.

Fat girls don’t cry

P.H.A.T. Fat girl
Don’t cry!

Hunting Rats by JL Denman

Hunting Rats

I lay in the bed. Darkness surrounding me like a comfy blanket. I thought the thin material would keep me safe. It did when I was child. The boogie man could never reach his talons through that blanket over my head. No. It was an impenetrable shield protecting me from terror. So I lay there covered head to toe in night pitch and dimmed sheets. Safety.

But there it was again. Daring to break into my sleeping mind. My eyes fluttered as I dreamed. The flowing river and sandy bank under a day glow sun with hints of lavender wafted through pristine air mutated. There again. At the corners gnawing on my dream world. First the river- all gone black and bloody. Next the banks- all stone and black ash. Then the sunlight- all gone purple moon and cloudy. I twitched, shivered, groaned. That sound again scarfing down pieces of my dream and serenity.

It was like ... like... feeding. Feeding. I started straight up in bed. My useless shield slide from my shoulders and it the floor in silent surrender to a nameless attacker. It gave up. And I sat up. I shivered in the dark pitch. The moonlight coming through the blind slats at the window drew eery stripes across the room. It was like looking through gapped teeth. Teeth that fed!

I heard it again. Now so much closer. I felt a drip. It hit the center of my head. Was the ceiling leaking or was it something else, something breathing and feeding and dripping blood and guts all over my head?

Again I head it. Now from corner to corner I see it. Them. Like those siafu ants that the Masai tribes revere and fear. Like those might things come to attack me. Terror sound like that or bigger. Terror sounds like that thing gnawing and coming and chomping and ... and.. Terror is that sound of hunting rats. I knew it well. Here it was again. The sound closer, scrambling now rushing at me. No more river, banks, and sunshine. Instead my night terror materializes with the sound of rats hunting me. Hunting, rats scurrying to eat me alive, alive, alive before I rot in the accursed cell.

Garden Thunder part 1 by JL Denman

Garden Thunder part 1

This shouldn’t be happening, but I want this so badly. This shouldn’t be happening. But it feels so right. Rebecca slowly leaned into Skylar’s gentle kiss. His lips burned her forehead. Tiny flickers of hot flame danced their way down her slender back. Startling as well as igniting a long forgotten portion of her brain. It had been so long since she let her guard down enough to enjoy a man, any man. Now here this one threatened to destroy her with a simple kiss. Rebecca tried to restrain herself. With each small quiet kiss he placed on her forehead, across her cheek, along her tender neck, she lost monumental measures of self control. She closed her eyes and let herself fall into his embrace.

Skylar’s strong arms wrapped around Rebecca like a comfortable, familiar lover. Against her exposed flesh, she felt his hard line of muscle enclose her frame. She shivered with fear and delight. Why am I allowing this to go on? He’s no good for me! Her brain was on overload; her body betraying her calculated patterns of control.
“Relax.” Skylar’s timorous voice sounded in her ear as he nuzzled her ear lobe with the tip of his tongue. The moist area and the sound of his voice vibrated through her like midnight thunder. Her eyes fluttered closed, her heart raced, her fingers searched.

Rebecca’s soft surrendering moan escaped from her pouting lips. Her inner self ceased struggling. Pliable and inviting, Rebecca’s lips searched for Skylar’s. Her long fingers threaded themselves through his obsidian locks, hungrily pulling his searching lips to her own. When then touched Rebecca’s frenzy increased. Her hands traveled the length of his muscled torso.

Each place she fingers vacated, Skylar felt a remembered heat and an electric anticipation for her next touch. He groaned deeply when she finally made touched just above his writhing manhood. With breath held, he waited to feel her tentative fingers stroke the root of his desire. “Oh, yes!” Now his eyes closed in pure pleasure. I thought I was controlling this thing! Rebecca stopped to relish the moment. She listened to Skylar’s breath as he fought for control. She smiled to herself, lost in the heat the moment.

Unable to restrain, excitement and longing pushing her over the edge, Rebecca lightly touched Skylar’s bulging manhood; his fevered growl pushed her to more daring action. She stood, her long manicured fingers ever arousing his desire. She kissed him deeply. Her tongue’s tip played with the lower edges of his full mouth. In return his own danced a rapid tango. She leaned into to his sinewy chest, crushing her tender nipples. Skylar did not miss the feel of those tight buds against his body. It only stirred his longing. Rebecca moaned as Skylar deepened the kiss. She worked her fingers below the barrier separating her from his warm hard flesh. As her fingers closed around his throbbing manhood, Skylar let out an animalistic growl.

Instantly he enclosed Rebecca within his inflamed embrace. He raised her to his chest, her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck. Rebecca’s blonde tresses flowed down around them as she whispered seductively, “Take me!” Skylar carried her to the edge of the marble bench near by in the garden path. Gently he lay her down. He quickly made light work of removing her corn silk-blue blouse that so complimented her golden hair and blue eyes. “God, you are gorgeous!” Rebecca smile and opened her arms to him. He leaned forward kissing each part of her delicate neck. He released himself from the confines of his pants. Rebecca felt the throbbing member against her. “Skylar! Now!” Rebecca could wait no longer, she wanted to satiate the desire Skylar had kindled. He intended to oblige.

“My, my, my, Skylar. I see you waste no time in trading one trollop for another.” A statuesque red head stood leaning against the rose pillar at the entrance to the garden. Her hair caught the sunshine; her pale skin radiated. She rolled brandy around her glass then delicately lifted it to her perfect mouth.

Skylar’s eyes burned with a different heat. “What do you want?” he growled darkly.

Mortified Rebecca scrambled for her clothes,

“Nice to meet you dear, I’m Skylar’s wife.”

to be continued

Wind CHimes for Elderly by JL Denman

Wind Chimes for Elderly

Listen to me darling
Listen to my voice
hear the softness that comforts you dear one
Your gentle spirit is tired
Your heart longs to beat free
sweet darling come to me.
Elderly my love
listen to my voice
hear my sweet call
listen to the whisper that rides on gentle currents
sounding in your dear ear.
Elderly, my love
She no longer loves you
she mocks you
so feeble she says to you
listen to her booming tones
listen to her screeching words
She doesn’t love you
Elderly my love
listen to her cracking
listen to her jeering in the laughter from able children
dinning in your dear ear.
Elderly my love
She no longer loves you
she mocks you
so useless she says to you
listen to her timbering threats
listen to her scathing ‘torts
She doesn’t love you.
Elderly my love.
She no longer loves.
Sweet Elderly,
Dear Elderly listen to my call
listen to the whisper
listen to my reason
Listen to my chime on the wind
Follow it Elderly
to sleep
to rest
to life’s soon end
Listen, Elderly, my sweet, my love.
He listened, he slumped, he stopped.

Put it Down! Girl! by JL Denman June 25, 2005

Put it Down

Walk in the room

like you own it

Have that secret smile

that intrigues.


Put it down!

like you're God's gift!

Keep it going

like you're a million dollar baby.

Swish you hips

Lick your lips

Wink your eye

& fly, Baby Girl!

Walk like you have no cares in the world.

Put it down!
Put it down!

Walk like you know what you know only YOU COULD know.

Put it down!

Put it down!


Defy, Baby Girl! Diva!

Keep on smiling your secret smile.

Put it down!

Put it down!

Shoe Fetish by JL Denman-JUne 16, 2005

Shoe Fetish

Click clack
Click Click clack
thwap, slap thwap.
Clunk, stomp, Clunk.
Music, sweet... music ringing through the halls. Reverberations soothingly ripple. Click clack. Thwap, slap, Clunk, stomp.

Straps and soles and buckles and bows... aaaaaaaaah the beauty. Dainty or clunky or comfy so much heaven manufactured into such a pair!

Leather and plastic and cloth ....aahhh such texture. Rustic comfort of a fine swede, the slick slipperiness of vinyl, the billowy cloud of a cloth ass so magnificent!

Red and mauve and black ......................aahhhhhhhhh such sass! The sexy siren of a red hot flame drawing attention. The sophisticate pep of a mellow mauve mule moseying down the lane. The wreck less wild wipe of a wet sassy diva lashed around the ankle or thigh.

Dressed to the nines, pedicure fresh, cash in hand, Talula stood. Luxuriating in the smell, sight, and anticipation of a new purchase, she sashayed herself down the isle, her obsession leading her by the toe. One more shoe couldn't hurt.