Sunday, May 31, 2009

#25 of 25

Kisses so heavy
breath so light
passion so powerful
caresses so gentle sweet
Love me long, my suitor
tie me up to keep
Love me long, my beloved one
my heart protect, don't make me weep.

*** YES!!! 25 poems before midnight!!!!!***********

#24 of 25

sun shines on black roses
moon beams fall on white orchids
Tear's rain, knows no hue

#23 of 25

let me break it down.
spread your legs
show your stuff
clap that ass on the ground

let me break it down
smack yo face
punch yo throat
slap yo ass to the ground

Let me break it down.
Stab yo gut
Slice yo pole
buried-punk ass 6' underground.

#22 of 25

Rainbow crystals throw
good fortune into your eyes
Roses tend to blind

#21 of 25

Lick your lips
shake your hips
put that funky sway into your back.
Paint them nails
swish your tails
put that sexy swagger in your pack.
Booty working
Boobies perking-
up the boys, such sass!
But watch out, girl
It's a whole new world
when 40's on your ass!

#20 of 25

Tired of missing my goals
tired of slowing down
tired of tripping over, never making it round
tired of fussing daily
tired of fighting foul
tired of living desperately, ain't' getting ahead now how!

Somebody come and save me
save me from myself
otherwise it's over
I'm a hang it from a shelf.

#19 of 25

Black tail kitty, what are you doing there?
Didn't your momma tell you not to show your underwear?
What you doing standing, strutting up the street?
Child, didn't your momma tell you stat, stand on your feet?
Black tail kitty, stop your laying down.
Your momma's gonna get you, stop splaying all over town!

#18 of 25

winter blooms to spring
summer blazes to autumn
Time 'scapes not the glass

#17 of 25

moon rise o'er water
black waves rumble pallid death
sing Sirens' welcome

#16 of 25

A poem is large damage
smashing palaces
a word is a mighty knife
wielded like an ice pick
A sentence is a sword
swung like a broad ax
A stanza is a piercing arrow
plucked like a longbow
A poem is large damage
breaking down tyrants
crumbling down walls
toppling empires
large damage
earth shaking
regime breaking
large damage

#15 of 25

The camera
it snaps
it shutters
it flicks the light
it captures the moment
it stops motion, kills Time's power, digitizes sentiment within tangible form
It's a window forever painted with Life's rainbow pinpoints.

#14 of 25

In my momma's kitchen

In my momma's kitchen chicken fries in an iron skillet. Flame licks the bottom. Oil pops. Skin crisps. Over the stove the fan sucks up steamy smoke. On the back burner greens drown a ham hock and slow cook. The lids clanks slightly from steam heat and white vinegar. In granny's black pot, tall, spotted, a dent in the left handle, corn on the cob bobs and boils. Pale yellow kernels plump up and deepened to butter gold. This lid, too, clanks, slightly struggling to contain the fresh from the garden feast.

In my momma's kitchen corn bread bakes up. Meal, sugar, salt, eggs blended to down home perfection, bakes in the oven, smells up the kitchen, wafts up the stairs. Yes, down home cooking. Macaroni ad cheese bubbles, too. Gooey, zesty tastes- melted together- noodles, pepper, Colby, cheddar- cook up right.

In my momma's kitchen pumpkin pie cools on the sill. Cherry pie with frilly edges and fork-poked crust, chills in the fridge. Both wait desperately for vanilla bean ice cream, a rich and luscious adornment.

In my momma's kitchen tall water glasses swelter sweat beads that drip down ribbed side. Cold cubes slowly liquefy waiting on that first blast of effervescent Pepsi sloshing down.

IN my momma's kitchen plates and forks and knives and spoons clink against each other, the glass table top, and serving dishes handed down from the great grands. White napkins flap their delicate corners as summer slips its warm breath through the open window screen, passed white curtains scalloped in pale rose eyelet.

In my momma's kitchen we gather , pray, and eat.
Black love.
Family love.
Southern love.
Love found in abundance in my momma's kitchen.

#13 of 25


seed beads
Czech glass
18 gauge wires
Bend it!
Weave it!
Twist it!
Bead it!
Bake it!
Mold it!
Bold, bodacious, Ba da bing!
I love making jewelry!
My own personal flare!
My sassy , sexy diva Bling!!!

*The photo its a pic of the pendent and the handwritten version of this poem.*

#12 of 25

How can you not see God?
Why so blind?
Why so hidden behind disbelief and wicked signs?
See the tree proud and sturdy
See the leaves so green
See the warbler and the thrust
See living, breathing, fluttering beings?
See the goose her child beside
See the swan, such grace
See swimming, gliding, flying things?
How can you not, oh not see God?

#11 of 25

Gentleness falls softly from blue heavens when billowing clouds skate across sky and pond.
Chirping twitterers breeze from feathered lungs, taking flight while others alight.
Throaty warblers come later to the day.
Honks and yonks of geese and duck frolic by morning waters, still, reflective, gurgling at play.
Little boys and tiny daughters float wiggling worms and striped baubles at ends of daddies' hooks.
Old men in ball caps and flannel putter to canvas chairs and stale beer.
Early afternoon breezes whisper quietly still.

#10 of 25

Words on poetry...

over stuffed pomposity
high brow intellectualism
wordy religiosity stoop upon a pedestal
Esoteric flamboyance
gilded dogmatism
oppressive didacticism slumped in a pulpit
preach not to me
Confuse not my mind
Paint beautiful pastorals!
Or illustrate torturous times!
But be not some vapid yammerer's wasted tool!

#9 of 25

Early morning sinning
Do me good and right
make it hot, steam, sexy until morning's light
Dip into my honey pot
Sip away my dew
lift me to heights in heaven
as only you can do

Early morning sinning
naked as the stars
hot and tempting lover
Passion thick, is ours.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

#8 of 25

#8 of 25
When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

delight in the richness
deep color
smooth melting point
Silk in browns and caramel highlights
Delight in the texture
the warm scent that rolls on the air like gentle touches
delight in the ease and sanguine lusciousness

reveling in culinary masterfulness.

Resistance to chocolate is futile!
Give in!
Envelope your taste buds

#7 of 25

#7 of 25
Before I was born

Before I was born
bugs flew
Dinosaurs were puppies
Mercury was just a fake god

Before I was born
rivers were fairies' tears
raindrops were cloud spit
Jupiter was on a diet

Before I was born the world & universe were magical
rain is just rain
mountains are rocks
dinos exist in museums
Jupiter is heavy
fairies don't exist
now that I've been born...
magic, wonder, inspiration, mystic power... died

#6 of 26 IF

#6 of 25
If I could do it over again

I wouldn't be me
I wouldn't tell the truth
I wouldn't breathe wrong
I'd live wrong
I'd scream and holler
I'd beat my chest
I'd dance in the middle of the streets with a neck full of shiny beads draped around my breasts!

I wouldn't be me.
I wouldn't eat cookies
I wouldn't eat ice cream
I'd eat right
I'd nibble salads
I'd sip beet juice
I'd peel oranges
I'd sit in the fields and orchards on ladders reaching for fruit and fruit and more greens stuffed down my gullet

I wouldn't be me.
I wouldn't be good
I wouldn't believe in sin
I'd be wicked
I'd plan hists
I'd strip-dance
I'd wear hoochie momma clothes and drink like a fish and romp with the hot cable guy next door

I wouldn't be me
I'd loose control
I'd believe in anarchy
I'd be something totally decadent...
and skinny while I did it!

#5 of 25

#5 of 25

Robotic eye looking back at me
stare down on the walk
wicked squirrels racing 'cross academic fields
Robotic sentry guarding the collegic block
sentinel, safety bulb
mechanical substitute for personal interaction

#4 of 25

#4 of 25

Life in feathers
birds of paradise
flying above the dirty earth
Life in feathers
birds of light
gleaming clouds of white
life in feathers
dainty birds
sumptuous flight
life in feathers
sexy delight

#3 Orange glow

I took this photo last summer in Central State University's meeting rooms. I liked the 70's party look of the ceiling. Use it to make your own poetry.

#3 of 25

red ribbons swirl over green fields
May day
Happy day
day when things glow and spin.
I spin around.
arms wide open
head tilted back
lips smiling a secret red rose
yellow flowers nod on green stems.
petals reach to sky
beautiful fire captured within Nature's wreath.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today when I got home from work and the bead store, I felt so refreshed! There is soemthign about knowing that torture is almost over that makes you want to sing. Well, I typically write poetry! So I am issuing a weekend challenge.
Write 25 poems from tonight until midnight Sunday May 31, 2009! That's it! Write them down, post them to a blog, whatever rocks your socks!!! Write what comes to you! WHo cares if it's stellar or not!

I have two already!

Naked by JL Denman May 29, 2009

twirling on the cold sheets. Ice blue. Sun fresh scent wafting through open window panes.
living boldly like fire flies and antelope. They never meet in life but live bright and free.
chirping summer songs on warm breezes. listening to the echoes sing-dance back again from rocks and wood and flower petals
make life
as newborns
fresh as rain
ephemeral as butterflies and dandelion seed
live naked
love naked
sing naked
Oh! the deliciousness of bare.

Sipping through Straws by JL Denman May 29, 2009

puckered lips
delicious sensation
Cold liquid, sliding up the swirls
look at it swoop!
So silly these swooping straws
So like babies toddling along wet beaches in frilly bloomers over puffy diapers.

delightful lemon!
Icy. frozen bits of tangy summer
So silly. Look! These sipping straws
So like sand castles with salt water moats. floating seashell warriors on make believe quests.

remembering thoughts
decadent thrill of penny candy
So silly sipping candy through crazy straws!
So like cousins locked arm in arm sharing secrets. about boys and mom’s high heels

Sip summer through a draw.
So like sunshine happiness.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Candles by JL Denman 2009

wind in the air breezing over coals
life snuffed out by ramped flies
frazzled bits charred and electrified
burning desire shrouded in gasoline
build static
feeds fire
harsh sickness
Rash thought
never ending pallid glimpse of fretfulness, destruction, blue fire
drive back the darkness
consume the dank.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Digital Rest by JL Denman May 12, 2009

Digital rest
ones on
zeros off
digital stoppage
blimps and beeps and tweeks and crash
stop pounding keys
tick tack
pick peck
quick quack
digi beeps and computerized queeps
digital rest

Where is the song with violins?
Where is the conversation with voices and faces?
Where is the love and communciation?

Give it a digital rest?
Beeps and blips and blops and pops
fry the electric keys
power down the pips and pops
Sit on the porch
gaze at the stars
read a book
get away
have a digital rest
Big Brother?
Pull His plug!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today by JL Denman

today I wanted
but this way was never the right way
Today I needed
more, more than anything ever in life before
today I designed
created pieces, snapped them for no reason
today I lived
less, dully, darkly, in a funk for hours on end
today I freaked
screamed, cried, coughed up blood until it hurt
today I wished
nothing came true

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


rays - lemon twists on Carribean skies
white sands
gentle breezes
Your lips tender petals soothing and divine

beams- butter cream ribbons on midnight oceans
cresting waves
dolphin splashes
Your arms affectionate bands romantic and kind

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sadistic Lover

Sadistic Lover by JL Denman May 3, 2009

Tear me away
Rip me from the world
spit me out
chew me up
throw me to the winds
You've done it already
what's one more time?
What's one more round
what's one more...
Squeeze me from life
Push me to brink
trip me from heights unimaginable in the world
you've done it before
what's one more
Kick me when I'm down
hurt me when I'm sad
chain me when I'm low
throw me into depths blacker than pitch ablaze with green flame
you've done it before
what's one more