Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NANO 2011!!!!!!

Once again it's almost NANOWRIMO time! First I can't believe how quickly 2011 has flown! What, November already!? WHAT!!! The good part- NANO is here soon! I signed up for Gothic Novel Writing month in October- have I been able to write 1 word?- NO! Not even one single word! But NANO is here and hopefully the gothic novel style book I was planning will come out for November instead.

This year I gave my AP students the option of doing NANO or a research project- 99% are choosing to try the full 50,000 NANO trip! I'm proud! WOOT! I'm hoping that the immediate competition will spur me on to complete this novel! YEAH! That and pirate stickers for every 1000 words!

I've decided to also post a list of my favorite 2011 Dares. Somehow I shall work at least a few into the mix.

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