Friday, July 3, 2009

Feel Like Dancing-

Feel like Dancing! by JL Denman July 3, 2009

I feel like dancin’

tappin’ my toes

swingin’ my hips

I feel like swirlin’ swirlin’ around a pole.

swingin’ my legs up and over my head while I slide down the gold shaft.

I feel like singin’

sing- throaty and lush into a sweaty microphone in a sweat club in nothin’ but a feather boa and a thong.

I feel like dancin’.

Dancin’ right on over

right on

over the edge

the edge of a cliff

the edge of a castle wall

the edge of the stage.

I feeling dancin’ and crashin’crashin’ into rocks and water

I- splashin’

splat on the bottom of a ravine

let the vultures dance in the sky over my corps.

I feel like dancin’

dancin’ on the edge

Flittin’ around the precipice

I feel like flyin’ flyin’ right on the wing of an eagle

an eagle sorin’ through the air- blind- and spiralin’ out of control

I feel like dancin’, don’t you know?

I feel it

deep deep to my toes, tips and toes

legs and knees

ankles and bones

Oh, yes! I feel like dancin’

dancin’ feel fine, fine as wine and drunk as a skunk

I feel like dancin’ and swirlin’ and swingin’ and singin’ and flittin’ and flyin’ and divin’ and splattin’




right over the edge

the edge of a huge ragged

jagged cliff that sings so high with wind songs.

I feel like dancin’.


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