Friday, July 10, 2009

Giantess of the Eiffel Tower Challenge #11

Over on Sunflower ranch's blog, this writing challenge #11 was issued. The following is my quick write response. Thanks Sunflower!

Giantess by JL Denman
I'm dreaming of snapping the Eiffel Tower in two! A mean super human strong giantess! I was green. My husband was so jolly. I wanted to smack him. He had no ambition, just stood around smiling like an idiot down or those tiny green bean fellows. I'd have stomped them down into green dust. Giantess! I'm so glad I am not green- ok I'm new at the giantess-ness of my new wish life, but I am not green. My skin is aquamarine with a hint of jade and turquoise. I shine in the sun, unlike my jolly green annoying husband! He is green as jungle leaves and just as dumb.
I dream of snapping the Eiffel Tower in half then erecting a diamond and lead crystal throne for myself in its place.


  1. I saw this at Sunflower Ranch and didn't get to tell you that I liked it. So many beautiful visuals here, especially the one at the end.

  2. HI Mary! thanks for stopping by. I love imagery! Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradbury are my favorite writers, both of which use imagery to super awesome effect. It's funny- when I write I actually SEE the scenes. I want to write a screen play but still not adept at the formatting of one. I've read a few books on it but still-- doing is always better.