Saturday, October 17, 2009

More words! Goth NO rocks!

I woke up at 6:02. I was going to go back to sleep but then I decided I should write. I had an inkling of a scene I could write so... I went to the potty, washed the hands, opened up Hometypist and Momentum Writer. I love these two programs! Hometypist is a lil program that makes your key board sound like a type writer. Momentum Writer is a lil program that will not let you backspace. You have to keep moving forward. I combined the two this morning and wow! new inspiration! SWEET!!!!


  1. Goodness! They have a program that makes your keyboard sound like a typewriter? LOL I'm old enough to have used one of those old noisy typewriters. There was something comforting about the sound. But I don't miss the carriage return or the backspace. Nor do I miss white-out or those tiny little strips that typed white over the paper where you made the mistakes on the old electric typewriters. You often had to start over if you made more than one or two mistakes. I remember being thrilled when we had electric typewriters with those correction strips built above the typewriter cartidges.

    I should probably feel old. But I think it's kind of neat that we've come so far so quickly and even come full circle in some ways.

  2. Girl!
    I used to have a typewriter. I'm 36, but we did not have computer money growing up. It was still only the "wealthier" people who could afford home computers at the time I was in middle school and high school. In college I still couldn't afford a computer. I had a Brothers word processor which had the typewriter style keyboard yet hooked to a computer type monitor. You could actually go back and forth between typing or word processing. It had ribbon cartridges and everything! I loved it!

    Every time I imagine myself writing, I think of real typewriters. NO the whole carriage return thing sucked but the idea of it and the sound... well there you have it! The best sound in the word!