Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Place I long For- based on a prompt from a writing group

I long to be in his arms. The soft fuzz that dusts his skin, the chocolate skin that smells like outdoors and man. I long to be curved into the cleft if his chest at night when the tropical birds call love songs and the crickets chirp a refrain and the geckos skitter together in moonlight dances. I long to be curled against him feel his heart beat against my back. Feel his thighs curved against the back of my own. I long to feel his arm over my waist his fingers strumming my belly. That place where we fit together perfectly. I long to be there feeling his breath against my neck. To feel the scruff of his beard rough and sexy against my cheek, my neck, my breasts. I long to be in the place where nothing but the two of us exists in perfect love and harmony. I long to be in the tropical heaven of my lover's arms.

By JLDenman sept. 6, 201

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