Monday, September 27, 2010

Setting up Gothno 2010

Gothno starts on Friday ! how crazy is that? I mean it's almost the close of 2010! So much has gone on this year it's ridiculous.

Gothno starts and the ideas in my head keep shifting. Right now I'm focused on this idea of the African vampire myth- loogaroos. I found it fascinating that it's actually a witch stealing the blood for the devil not herself. I've formulated a basic plot in my head but no character specifics.

There is a cursed family- matriarchal of course.
There are loogaroos.
It's setting on a Caribbean island on an old sugar cane plantation.
Scene 1 - a black woman wrestles in bed with a terrible headache and blinding vision on a rainy day
There is revenge. I haven't decided how gorie it will be though.
I need Jamaican names and a family tree maker.
Also need to set up Lquid Storybinder fir this project.

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