Friday, November 27, 2009

Winner! NANO 2009

Ok I got 10, 236 words written on Black Friday. I went ahead and consolidated my total November word count and verified on the site. Turns out I had 3K more than I thought!!!! 78,588 total so far!!!!

I am not sure I have the steam to write 10K words for the next two days straight! We shall see. But December is NANO finishing month. I plan on signing up for that.


  1. What is Nano finishing month? Does that mean they assume November was just the start and now you're going to finish the piece?

    I hope you're going to let us in on a blurb about your story!

  2. Mary
    Nano finishing month is just carrying NANO over into December except the goal is 30,000 words. Some people use it to finish novels they did not get done in Nov. Others use it to edit. I signed up but haven't written anything since Nov!!!