Saturday, October 9, 2010

Amari Sun

Quizzically. A hint of surprise and dejection colored her words, " aren't you excited? I would be. I would love to have something this fall into my lap. As it is nothing interesting happens to me!". Amari Sun sipped on her straw. The fruity cold drink slide down her throat immediately boosted her spirits. Oh my! That is a fine drink! Just the right kick of lime and salt. She ran her tiny browner butter index finger around the margarita glass rim. Like an overly satisfied child she plopped back against the Lacey iron work of the chair. The umbrella cast a welcoming shade over face, yet the sun shone down on her hair and shoulders. Her blonde red Afro lit up around her petite head while the shade deepened the green in her eyes. Amari leaned back gutter propping her short shapely legs on on the eddhe of the crackle glass table top. Crossed at the ankles, 5 inch spike heels on doll size feet, Amari relaxed.
How can you not be excited? You're not dead, girl!
Instantly contrite, oh Huns I'm sorry! O didn't mean it the way it sounded.".
Livia True Reese uncomfortably shifted in her seat. "Don't worry about it. I know you didn't. It's just...
What girl? You can tell me. What are sisters for? She wiggled her pert nose and stuck out her tongue playfully.
Livia reluctant smiled sipped over own straw before answering. I side she sighed. Amari is never down for long. I wish I had that confidence. She thought to herself.
"Amari, there is no way I could have grown up with you! You're a whirling dervish! I'd get sucked away to Oz or something ." Livia winked at her best friend.
You know what little girl-"
Who are you calling little girl. Lil bit?" she chuckled a bright brief streak of jocularity sprang into her eyes. "I'm not the one standing in 5 inches trying to reach 3 inches tall."
Amari swung her gorgeous legs to the concrete title, "wooo you are so mean. What should I do with you gloomy Judy?" playfully Amari veined indigence. Slim shoulders sang in on defined collar bone. " I've been wounded. Her hand fluttered to her chest like an over wrought widow. How shall I ever continue. With dramatic flourish Amari heaved her shoulders toward her ears, mock sobs blubbered.
In two shakes she ended her performance. " end scene."
Leaning forward earnestly, cone on Liva True. Aren't you excited in the least? I know the circumstances are bad, but at least this gives you something new. Huns you're always talking about life seems empty. Nothing interests you any more. You want to be no traditional. Here's your chance!"
" I know what you're saying but-"
" look what's the worst that can happen? It's all for fun anyway, right? She wouldn't have left it too you if she didn't think you could handle it."
" you don't understand. That consumed her. Right up to the end. I don't need that kind of pressure."
"Oh please. You make it sound all doom and gloom, heaven and hell. It's not that serious, Livia. It's a shop. A few trinkets here, a few trick wires there. The woman has bat feet and frog eyes in canning jars on shelves. You can't take it seriously."
Livia True Reese wasn't so sure. Her aunt was strange. When she was around strange things happened. Strange people with strange requests frequented her aunt's place. "You never met her."
"oh cone off it, Liv. You wanted something new, here's your chance to be different, sweetie. Besides 'tissue the season!"
"Ok, that is Christmas not Halloween." Livia chuckled.
"Same difference. A season is a season. And this is your season. The place is a gold mine! Have you looked at the reports? I had my lawyers and accountants look over them. My people say-"
"Tour people since when do you have people?"
Amari lounged back in the chair. "Don't be funny, you know I'm a diva!"
They both laughed. Livia had to admit, Amari Sun did have somewhat diva status. She'd had a leading role on the hottest night time drama, Obsidian, for the last six years. Fir the last two years she'd also be co- host on the Evening Review. She got to dish with all the major hitters in town. She certainly had people.


  1. Continued
    "I know. I know! You rock this joint!" Livia smiled.
    Amari bounced in the chair clicking her designer heels on the ground and snapping her fi gets. The fireball Afro blazed in the sun.
    "In all seriousness girl you need to think about this. Jump on it! She wanted you to have it. Just because she was a work aholicand got sucked in, doesn't mean that you have to. Besides, you don't have much going on now anyway. It'll be good fir you to get a little ducked in."
    "May e you're tight."
    "I'm always right. Listen to auntie Amari.
    "more like crazy amari."
    "Either way - you need to get some kind of something gojng on somewhere because you're certainly Not getting it in the bedroom department. Look at you all dried up and moldy. Get it together dista!"
    "Tottrn! You're rotten! Judy be sued you gave z new man every morning! Doesn't mean I have to be all slurry!" they howled with laughter.
    "girl they day you become dlutth

  2. Is the day I grow twelve inches and loose my luscious figure!" amari smoothed her strapless hunter green sundress over her tiny waist. " we both know that ain't happenin'"