Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gothno belly up

Ok once again I failed my gothno goal! Grrr I only wrote 9500 words. I still like my story but it just wasn't coming out how I wanted! So I'm at the end of the month with 1/3 of what I'd hoped for.

On the next tip- NANO starts tomorrow! Yeah November!!!
Do I have an idea? No
Do I have a plot? No
Do I have a character, setting, or conflict? No. Triple no! Eeeeeeek
The thing that will motivate me is competition. I have a girl in class who is wickedly fast at writing stories so it shall be interesting to keep pace! Maybe I'll reach 100,000 words in one month-FINALLY!!! :)

I'll have to search through old journals to spark an idea.
Off to grade quizzes yuck!!:(

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