Wednesday, October 6, 2010


OK, so I was about to throw in the towel for my Loogaroos story. I wasn't feeling it and it seemed to heavy or something. I decided to add an element of romance. I worked out a few ideas

1) the main character (who still doesn't have a name) meets the last heir of the plantation family

2) he of course is trying to rebuild his family's wealth.

3) The power has been watered down because her grandmother had twins. This split the abilities and delayed revenge.
* 1 sister has the ability to see portions of the future. She embraces her gifts and opens a magic/ reading shop. The other sister (MC's mother regrets the powers, but feels duty bound and frustrated because she can't get the total revenge she knows must happen. Yet she feels exonerated in that she has a daughter (the MC) to carry on the fight, while her own sister is childless (or has a son).

3) the aunt gets sick and MC starts to feel more ill at ease, off her game. She inherits the magic shop. And with it more power (maybe through an amulet or ring). She meets the plantation heir through some joint venture where she is the entertainment.

4) MC is eventually required to go back to the island to tend to her sick mother. The isolation begins here and the slipping back into older times. Voodoo magic etc. take over. Here the heir returns to claim his ancestor's land and restart businesses on the backs of the peasant -like population.

5) The mother dies. MC receives full power and is haunted by the grandmother. Take revenge. But of course she and the heir are now in love.

I think now- I can get some more words pounded out on my next break. (I'm grading freshman essays UGGGGGG)

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