Friday, October 8, 2010

Oct8 11:54pm I needed to write

I don't do crystal balls. She turned up her full lips in a serious perturbance. She crossed her slender arms over her ample chest. His eyes followed the action.
Enticing. A spit fire but enticing. He thought to himself.
Excuse me I didn't mean to offend. But given the circumstances .... His jet black hair curled over his eyebrow as he gestured to the table. Velvet table clothes, gold trim, ancient looking chairs what would you expect me to say? Bs chuckled. The deep timber if his voice resonated over the low beat of the African drums.
To be honest, I could a care less. What you think isn't rely that important to me. I know your kind. She huffed indignantly.
What kind would that be? He crossed his own muscular arms over his massive chest. The shoulders of his blAck suit jacket strained slightly with the tension. His right brow furrowed mischiviously as a slight grin threatened.
She didn't answer, just glowered at him.
Go on pray tell. Oh seer if the future, what type am I?
She didn't like the smirk in his eyes. She huffed, drummed her manicured nails against her upper arm.
Cat got your tongue? No mojo left in that pretty head? He couldn't resist. Anger danced in her dark cocoa eyes. Her nose flared. Her lips , a deep intake of breathe stopped his playful gloating momentarily. How I'd love to kiss those sultry lips. The thought took him by surprise. Of course she was attractive but be tended to stay closer to the debutante types, less to deal with. But this one ...
Mentally he shook himself. This one would be fun indeed fiery hellcats. Come on love? What type am I?
You want to know? Really! Your the type who cant take anything seriously unless if personally affects you. Hours wrapped up in debutantes and fast money. The cars and charities are simply your way of trying to make yourself feel important. You think ghat if you give away enough money that will save your sorry soul.
His eyes widened in shock then narrowed in anger.
Her voice morphed. Her eyes glazed over . Her words gained strength for some unknown force beyond her control. Without conscious knowledge her hands lifted gloated in the distance between their bodies. Slowing closing the gap her feet inched user to him as she spoke.
You think that the world owes you something yet you feel conflicted that you have more than you think you deserve. You pretend to be callous. On ther other hand you pretend to altruistic. Her fingers touched the sides of his chiseled face. She lay her head against his chest. The smooth luxurious fabric warmed her cheek.
You long for a return to glory yet don't know how to achieve this.
A cold chill crept up from her spine. Its icy fingers tapped their way to her shoulders then up the back if her neck. She squirmed uncomfortably. Wriggling her fAce into the width of his chest. A frown strained across her brow. The cold fingers tapped over her skull.
You have... You are... You are attracted to the dark side. It's in your blood . Hightened, shrill the pitch of her voice eeked higher. Her agitation grew. The fi gets stabbed frozen pain through the back of her eyes. A flash if blood, screams,dark skin tear. Faces bent under yellow head scarves, a blazing sun, the glysyeninf edge of an ax shAttered her. Pain! She screamed it ripped from her throat like a thousand you g ghosts.
Shaking. Hands trembling like palm leaves in a storm she jumped away from him. Blood! You're covered in blood! You'll drown in it before it's done! You'll drown in it! Screeching she raced from the room. Eyes a sea of them followed her out of the reception hall doors.
Her faded cries, you'll drown in it echoed under the spacious cathedral ceiling.
Visibly shaken ashen, Colhurst straightened his suit jacket and turned to his affluent guests! Bravo! Bravo! Excellent sport wouldn't you say! The murmuring crowd was all to ready to put the ackward out jest behind them.
Come on. You expected entertainment and I've provided it! Give a hand for Asanti Suri, palm reader and Mistress if the defining arts. He clapped agAin this time his cohorts joined in.
A slim lithe socialite with white blonde hair strolled to his side. She neatly tucked her arm through his.
You simply must tell me where you find these droll acts! She was a hoot! I'll have to book her for my next party. Belinda Lilly rambled on in her high pitched nadt voice. Colhurst hardly heard a word.
Drown in blood and cocoa eyes replayed in his ears and minds eye.

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