Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pre-BYB 5- Reaces

So your questions for today!

1) What races are in your setting?

A) How did they get there? Were they always there?

B) Are they the majority? The minority?

C) Your main characters’ races - are they in the majority or the minority? How does this affect them?

2) The races you’ve determined, figure out what cornerstones you need to use. Figure out if they will run into any racism, and why they run into it. Don’t just add racism as a conflict because there is nothing else.

3) Write about how the races in your novel get along. Use it as an excerpt with either your MC experiencing something due to his/her race, or maybe just a recount like a textbook. Either way, knowing how the people/creatures in your novel get along is going to help out when your MC crosses that country line and finds himself nearly eaten by werewolves because dwarf meat is delicious.

Races are same as modern times.
There are however, demons, gargoyles, imps, Fallens, and angels.
All of these races have been here since before humanity was created. They arrived as punishment for having turned against God. Angels and Fallens are the most powerful beings. They are abundant. Angels have their original powers from God. Fallens have been stripped down of most powers. Depending on the level of punishment, they have varying levels of power left and various restraints applied to their banishment. Fallens typically control the demon population since they are lesser creatures. However, demons have more freedom to roam because they were spawned of evil. Some demonic princes are almost as powerful as Fallens. This tends to create a volatile community as they jockey for control of the between or positions in hell.
2) N/A Races battle for power and position not because of ethnic hatred.

3) Quick Quip

Trag kowtowed in fear. Darmetheous was not to be trifled with. He had already defeated a clan of seeker demons. They were not an easy lot to dispatch. Seekers were secretive, even more so than other demons. They were the ones sent to spy out and influence mankind when a particular demon had a very specific target in mind., They could appear as mist and shadow or not at all. Their forms were hardly corporeal. They often shimmered in and out of visible phase. No other demon had as much skill and practice at this sort of magic. Seekers were a hard lot to kill and Darmetheous, had solidified his reign of the Between y wiping out a clan- 200 seekers, in one fell swoop. The next clan of seekers surrendered to his might without much fight. Now they were his own personal arsenal of poisonous thought implants. The consummate secret weapon against mortals, other Fallens, and most lower demons. Trog had no wish to tangle with Darmetheous. He was the strongest Fallen. Now with the complicity of the seekers, Darmetheous could achieve almost anything. As long as he ruled over the demonic bloodhounds, he was unstoppable. There was no way to stop him from getting revenge on mortals either. He blamed them for his banishment. Trog snorted at this. Darmetheous was several things but a victim he was not, yet he insisted on blaming mortals for his lost position. Severs him right, Trog thought to himself. Quickly he shook his ragged head and pushed the thought aside. Nothing was safe.

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