Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These are the questions for the first workshop in Wriyr BYB

I'm thinking of expanding my NANO 2010 novel so that I can write a series of novels within that world. I've never attempted a series of novels but I like the idea. Let's see if I can try something new for 2011!!

1) Is your time period one that has occurred on Earth, or is it based on one that occured on Earth? A) Are you going to use real people from that time as characters, whether it be based on them or not? B) Do you know enough of the time period of history to have a good feel for it? C) Find at least three sites/books that can help you during research (if you need it)

My time period overall is modern. It is United States during the 2000-2025.

I am not going to use real people. The characters will be based on types of personalities of our contemporary time period. Since it it basically a NOW story there is not much need to do extensive research. The major portion of research woul dbe with mythology, biblical timelines, and prophecies.

Sources: 1) Bible 2) http://www.redorbit.com/education/reference_library/constellations/ophiuchus_serpent_bearer_constellation/319/index.html 3)


2) Is your setting going to be historical, contemporary or futuristic? A) Why is this time period best for your novel? B) Is there anything you need to invent in order to convey your setting correctly? C) List three things that will be time period specific for your setting. 3) Take the time to write a passage, page, or couple of pages of your setting. Throw a character in it, and have them explore the land. Write it as a page in a history book that a student would read. Make it a narrative full of pretty words and sparkling images. Is your time period easily determined within these few paragraphs?

The setting is contemporary with flashbacks to various eras in time which works best since there is an awakening of spirituality, yet there is also a tremendous anti-christian/ skeptical mindset. Since a lot of people do not believe it makes the secret working of demons etc. work. No inventions needed.

Cell phones, computers, satellites would be time specific

Short Clip

Dingy streets crowded with defeated humanity played tragic scenes before Adhelmar's window. Every Friday a man with a heavy grizzled beard stood on the corner. A brown tattered coat hung loosely from his immaciated shoulders. Baggy khaki pants patched repeatedly with old newspaper and left over bread loaf ties drowned the lower half of his frame.

At noon tragic bustled and horns honked anxiously. Red speed cars, a few slick silver luxury cars whizzed up the street, like they were escaping from some unseen horror. Other more beat up vehicles clunked along the streets. Rusted, busted, reflections of the battered people in the neighborhood, the cars struggled up the roads.

Red and brown brick buildings with broken windows looked sad. Dingy laundry flapped from the higher levels.

Adhelmar fumed inside, Unjust punishment among dregs.

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