Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wriyear 2011 Geography 2

So today’s set of questions and exercises will have us thinking about just how important it is to know about where our novel is set.

1) Where is your novel? Is it a real place on Earth or is it made up, either on Earth or another planet?

A) If it’s on Earth, what countries are nearby? If it’s made up, what realms/kingdoms/places are right beside them?

B) Are there any specific historic days you’ll have to research/make up? Don’t go into too much detail; there’s a whole exercise worth of history.

C) Who is the leader of your land for the time period of your choosing? Once again, there will be a whole section on politics so you don’t have to go into detail.

2) What’s the climate of your land?

A) What type of food do they eat as a result of this climate?

B) Does it have excessive snow/rain/drought/wildfires?

C) Name one tradition, whether it be outdated or made up for your world, that is because of climate.

3) Write a short description of your place. Focus on the climate, and how it feels in winter and summer. Speak of what grows there, and what types of activities the people partake in. Snowball fights, lacrosse games, surfing, vine swinging - you name it. Do they need to farm often? Are they mostly an export/import nation? Does this have anything to do with the leader (in brief)?

Geography is the same as modern day USA. The map has not changed.
The realms would be the Between, Heaven , Hell, and The Pit. I will most likely have to research some religious holidays and their pagan counterparts. I will also need to do a bit more stellar research in relation to the religious tombs.

The leadership of my world will still be USA presidency. However, sovereignty of the Between is controlled by whichever powerful demon or Fallen can gain control and maintain it. Ultimately the limits are controlled by God (i.e. the most powerful demon/.Fallen is really only able to work within the boundaries similarly to a viceroy).

2) Climate of earth is the same. Maybe an inclusion of more natural disasters as points to the end of the world and demonic activity. Heaven's climate is perfection 75, always sunny, no weather disturbances. On special holy days, it will "rain" crystal flakes like snow. However, in each flake is a visible representation of a good deed done in the service of God. When they fall to the golden streets the transmute and flow to a central river. The Between climate is hot, sulfuric, brimstone, lava,. It is always reddish darkness. Lava geysers spurt, etc. Black stalactites form charms of rock. Hell's climate is ten times worse, at least. Constant fire, wailing, torment. The Pit is absences, black fire. Noxious.

A tradition is Christmas as usual.

Short Clip:

He hated it here. The darkness and heat. Red was never his favorite color. He looked around his throne room, meager hellish Red rock crumbled along the walls. Noxious fumes puffed like great dragons through crevices and notches. He had had gargoyles and demon faces carved into the steaming festering floors. Each breathed forth its own rush of black, grey, or red dust. His skin sweltered. He looked down at his bulging arms. He remembered when his skin was fair, light. It glistened like gold fleck during the battles. His hair flowed about his head and his six wings like auburn flags waving in the glory of God. His high brow arched with disdain as he fought against the imps and principalities. Glorious, he had been glorious. Now, the hot redness, the gaseous fumes had turned him. His skin had darkened to deep purple plum. His veins bulged black eggplant and brown. His hair had shriveled.
He growled violently, the echo reverberating through the cavernous Between. He hated this wretched prison! Nothing grew here. The inhabitants simply existed to await their final punishment, it was torture cell. The only thing to do, plan escape. Escape he would.

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