Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wriyear 2011 pre_BYB 4

1) How many years back do you want to have your history?

A) If it’s on Earth, what three key points do you want to have memorized?

B) If it’s dealing with recent history, does anything from the way-back past (think a story in high school where they talk about colonial America in school) factor in, in an important way?

C) If you’re making up your history, what are three key points from the past that is important?

(You’ll need more than this of course, but here’s a starter!)

2) Take each of your main characters and go through their backstory. We’ll have further character sheets later on, but for now, tell me a bit about what each one has been through, at least three things.

3) Combine both questions! Write a short passage about your character’s recent history in relation to their backstory. Does something happen that makes them remember a scene from the past? Maybe they saw an ex and it’s tearing their heart out? Anything that helps you intertwine backstory and history, because you’ll be doing it a lot!


1) Since I am going to try and create a series I am not sure how many years back it will go. The first story, Dregs is modern. The whole story takes place within 6 months of the climactic event.
The historical key point would be 200 hundred years ( I may make their exile longer) before the current event. This would mark the punishment of Darmetheous and Adhelmar.
The history of the Between would have to be based on the expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven, the first murder among humans, and the Great Flood.

1) turned against God.
passed over for promotion
trapped in the Between as punishment

Darmetheous often thinks of what he lost and that it is the fault of humans.
2) Adhelmar
tricked into killing a servant of God
banished to earth, stripped of most powers, left with near immortality, must earn back his place in Heaven.
got his first charge killed by demons

Adhelmar thinks often of revenge on Darmetheous. However, he also has a similar viewpoint about humans.

placed in an abusive foster home

There are several other characters but the back story is done for most of them.

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