Monday, November 1, 2010

Destined to be angels

Destine to be angels
Pricipaliries are assigned to rule the air. Satan tries to control each being. His influence is beyond reproach. Line deadly vines of hatred and lust hecworms his way into the minds of men. Children fall prey. Women suffer men deal out devilry. No one is safe from the filthy lies and murderous rages. Insideous thoughts tempt man. Watch your mind . Guard your heart. Fight the good fight. The war is nit flesh and blood. The enemy is not breathing the same air nit processing it like you and I. He she it they are not your neighbors and sisters and brothers . No they are the enbidiment of evil! Nay lucifer himself spawns these imps and creatures! He spits then
From his fiery breath like burnt offerings. Like demonic phleghm like corosice acid ready to devour any and all matter within it's gutteral wake. Satan is every where! Safeguard! Stay on gaurd. Get ready warriors! Strap on the whole armor! Barton down the hatches. Annoint your mind!-"
Grey snow. Crackle. Blare!
What the he'll are you doing?
What does it look like? He propped up his feet on top of the ootoman. Crossed at the ankles. Dirty soles stared at the television set. He scratched his crotch. Joke itch man! He dung his fingers into his blue boxer briefs. Like a two year old digging through q sand box he pawed and scratched his nuts.
Will you stop that! No one wants to see you fondling yourself. She rolled her eyEs in disgust. "you act like an infant."
Her step brother grinned, " better to act like an infant than to look like a fetus!". Slye scratched some mire. The noise was like dry paper caressed with a boars hair brush.
" could you please!"
" aw do you want some sister dear?" he pulled his left fist from his crotch. He held the fingers up to his nose sniffing at them like a wild dog. Over his shoulder ge reached back waving his hand toasted her as she sat at the dinning room table. Black dirt and sweat clustered under his nails. " here you go sissy poo. Smell! Smell!" he laughed.
" you are demented you nasty freak!"
She turned up her pert nose gagging at the sight of her brother's unending repulsivity.


  1. " you're the freak." he went back to digging in his pants with the left hand, sniffing it intermittently and flipping through television channels with the remote in his right hand.
    Mental note: remember to disinfect that remote!
    She stuffed another spoonful of honey nut rounds into her mouth. The cold sweetened milk rushed down her throat. She loved pouring ice cold milk over cereal. The small ice crystals that formed when the gallon jug was pushed too far to the back of the fridge were refreshing. Little pleasures she thought. Her brother's nasty scratching reached her ears. Yes small pleasures in a world full of tortures!
    He flicked the channel back to her original program. Lazily he stretched. His long hairy torso bent out like an ape. Hhis muscular arms swayed back over the the back of the couch. Hair shaggy it fallback from his face scrubby with a ten o click shadow. His arm pits were hairy trees clutching at balled up left overs of deoderant

  2. " you are truly ghastly!" she almost hurled her breakfast.
    " you're just jealous that I'm much sexier than you!". He flexed his muscles. In love with himself he kissed his biceps. " look at the guns baby. Look at the guns!"
    If only I had a gun! He'd be dead!
    " UHF! Revolting!"
    " no what's revolting miss prissy Brit bs is this junk!" he nodded towards the tv set. " how can you watch this mess? I mean get real! This crackpot looks mire frightening than some demon. Besides if demons a d devils and a this shut were real, you my dear sister would be the queen IMO! " hd laughed
    " you know what?"
    "no what?" he mocked her tone.
    " you're an ass! "
    He chortled. Like a pale gorilla he flipped around on the sofa butt in the air wiggling it and making monkey noises..
    "proof of your brain power?"
    " real funny!" deep creases furrowed his wide forehead. His dark brown eyes squinted to slits. "watch it little bit.."
    Satisfied , she spooned up another helping of cercereal. She crunched slowly an ininnicent smile tugging at her full lips. "what? What did I say?"
    He grunted. Tossed the remote onto thekitchen table and stomped out of the room.
    " come on. What did I say? Don't leave mad that's just stupid.". Hecstopped dead in his tracks. The line if his back went ram rod straight. His shoulders squared defiantly. Hairs on the back of his neck hackeled

  3. " don't be that way. It's just dumb. We were having so much fun."
    He huffed. Naked feet pounded hard against the hardwood floor and beat a hasty retreat to the back bedroom.
    She laughed. She knew she shouldn't taunt her brother but damn it, he deserved it sometimes. He wasn't the shiniest penny in the roll. He'd been tested for learning disabilities, but he never scored low enough fir special Ed. Instead he struggled in regular classes. He wasn't dumb just slower than his classmates. He chose nit to study too much either. He didn't like being called stupid. But she knew it was the only way to shut him down when he got into one of his antics.
    Shifted her weight comfortably into the dinning room chair. She dug in her behemoth hobo bag for handy wipes. She was a nut for clean hands. Popped the top and pulled out a scented wipe. Gingerly she picked up the remote control disinfecting it. Eeew.