Saturday, November 13, 2010

the 25,000 word Weekend Journey NOV. 12-14

Last night I wrote a few more words. That took my total up to 11,064 words!

This morning I woke up before the sun was up and hashed out a few more points of interest along the way. I seriously need to get this 25K words typed in this weekend. It would just make me feel a lot better. I had planned to grade papers today and Sunday, but I think it will be a writing and cleaning house day. I also am working on a new ring tutorial for Christmas, just something cute. The ring and the cleaning will serve as my writing breaks. Off to see what I can get accomplished this go round. updates along the 25,000 word Weekend Journey

Saturday UPDATES:
10:41AM- 2462 words/25,000 =9.8%
1:16PM - a nap and more words 3551/25,000 = 14.2%
1:59PM - more! 4462/25,000 = 17.8%
2:57 PM 5118/50,000 = 20.47%
I'm taking an hour break from writing. I have the next two scenes working in my brain. Not bad! 5000+ words before 3PM!!!! I'm sure I can get at least another 5K before bed time! I might have to hand write some though- computer eyeballs get to be tired after a while. Next update later!

8:30PM 6292/25,000= 25.2%

9:30PM 7325/25,000 words = 29.3% of goal!!!!

I have a total of 18,389/50,000 words which is 36.78% of overall NANO word count minimum.

I think I am going to take an hour break and then write one more section afterward. Then sleepy time! I was going to try for 10K before going to sleep but I think I am going to be a couple K short! booo!

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