Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 8

Um I just had an idea to work with another character. It is inspired by a prompt from another writing group. We shall see how many words it nets. I also came up with a few more bits of characterization.

If any one has any clues or experiences with autism that would be helpful. I've decided to make one of my characters OCD or autistic. Each character has something "wrong" with him/her that pulls her/him out of "normal" society. I could easily call my novel Castaways, but I like Dregs much better!

I need to do some cover art, too.

1 round of Dr. Wicked -678 words 15 minutes

UPDATE: 11:02 PM
I di another round of Dr. Wicked. Then I ended up adding more to the piece when I copied it into Liquid Story binder (BTW I LOVE THAT PROGRAM!!!).
So, I've ended the night with a total count of 2716 words!!!

My progress to date 7176/50,000

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