Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov. 7

I had a jewelry show today. It was interesting to get my name out in a new venue, however, I did not make much cash. :(

On the writing front- I did not write anything the last 2 days. My energy seems gone. Maybe this is not going to be a banner NANO year. I didn't reach my GOTHNO word goal and so far NANO isn't shaping up much better. I think I just need to get into a groove. It's only day 7 so I am not THAT far down and out. I'm going to go and try to make a few words before bedtime. I'm just ZONKED! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I wrote one scene of 2060 words. I love Dr. Wicked for the help boosting writing speed, but I hate the fact that I always loose words when copying to a word processing program. In Dr. Wicked it read 2225 - copy it into Liquid Story Binder - I got 2060! GRRR But!- I have another scene so in the long run YEAH!! :)


  1. Hey, congrats on the 2K+ word count! That's great going when you're feeling zonked!

  2. Thanks! I needed that boost. I feel like I'm just dragging my feet this NANO. The only other year it was this difficult was the very first one! I think I'll be ok once I get passed 5k. That seems to be my block point.