Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New scene kill the voice of God?

"so now you want us to kill her?" Andreous quietly groaned, the question hung in the air like stale thick doers from a land fill. No one moved. Little Anne took a deep slow breath. Her almond eyes closed tightly. Maria and Manuel clasped hands beneath the oak table, the weight of the room the emotions of the comrades nearly overwhelming their powers.
"we have no choice. If they...". Adhelmar's words came out slowly trailed off as he bent his close shaved head toward the fire place. Sparks from it reflected in his angel eyes, red orange mixing wildly with the golden honey. His features were chiseled and reshaped by the fire light nag shadow play. The seven could see a much stronger view if Adhelmar's true nature. Terrifiying. As a warrior angel in human form he looked not Mitch changed in this mood and atmosphere.
"I don't understand, if she us that powerful how can they defeat her anyway? You said so yourself that her power is stronger than all of ours combine. Darmetheous can't win against that kind of craft." he shrugged his shoulders. "maybe we don't have as much to worry about as you think.".
Adhelmar pounded his fist against the wooden mantel. It shocked mightily splitting down the center. In three steps adhelmar crossed the distance between the two of them. Lightening quick he grabbed him by the collar. Stomach dragging up against table edge, he yowled at the unexpected attack.
Adhelmar's eyes roared. His perfectly white teeth clenched. The muscle in his jaw flexed and throbbed violently. "Are you an idiot! Have you not been paying attention the last year, week!"
"Wait a minute!"
"Adhelmar stop!"
She smiled to herself. Her fingers moved minutely tracing small circles in the air.
Too easy. She thought. Too easy.
"Shut up! "
"look man, this ain't the way to handle this. Calm it down. Well get nowhere-" Andreous' deep voice Redon aged over the den.
Without releasing the other guy,Adhelmar ground out, "What do you know of it!? Two years you think you know! Darmetheous will destroy her! He'll toss her around like a rag doll, turn her then destroy her! We can't let that happen! I'll never-". His grip tightened around the other guy's throat. Adhelmar's knuckles went white as he shook him.
He skin started turning pale his eyes bulged like squeezed meatballs. A wide hole his mouth gaped like a guppy. Spittle formed at the corners. He tried to concentrate, work up his powers but his brain was shutting off.
"Let him go!" she scrambled from the far side of the table. Fists flying she battered Adhelmar's back. "let him go!"
A swift toss of his head, he sent him crashing into the opposite wall. Thud and pound he toppled down the stone facade onto the hardwood flooring. In the split second he ducked, wiped around, leg swiping her. She screamed. Sonic blast pelted his mocha skin. He resisted the push backward planting his hands and feet against the floboards a

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