Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Courtship of Medusa Part 1

The Courtship of Medusa part I by JL Denman (talula)

"Are you utterly daft?
"Not entirely."
"You have no idea what you’d be getting into!"
"Of course I do. I’m not afraid."
"You should be."
"Look at me. Who should I be afraid of? There’s no one more hideous, except possibly the Elephant Man. Few are stronger except maybe Superman, but he’s a top side pretty boy. Certainly mortal."
"It’s dangerous. Life and death dangerous. I’m already dead even I would think twice, three times before doing something that crazy."
"Because you still need blood. Blood can still freeze, turn."
"True. This is suicide though, Frankie. You’re a big boy alright but you still have to eat which , last time I checked, makes you ‘alive’ and therefore there whole thing is dangerous. If not for you, then certainly the rest of us!"
"Not with a mask."
"Masks won’t help us if we look at her!"
"A Mask for her." He was exasperated. Even with his mind slowing he could figure that much out. Drac was being paranoid.
"She’ll never go for it. She’s a beast!"
He shrugged. "We all are>"
"true enough. But even beasts want to stay ‘alive!"
Frankie raised his protruding eyebrow ridge. He gave Drac a slow dropping sardonic smirk.
"Yes. Yes!. My good boy, I see the irony. But, that woman is a killer by choice or not. She’s uncontrollable. If you... if she... if just one of those little pets of hers gets feisty, the nearest ghoul could..."
Frankie slowly raised his stiff arms and grunted, "Maaa NAAAA AHHHH."
"Oh stop it! That stupid show you put on for those idiotic top side fleshies is not going to work on me and you know it."
Frankie plopped down on the concrete chair. Even it groaned under his weight. " You make me sick sometimes, you old bloodsucker."
"Look, Frankie, dating in the ghoul pool is slim pickings. I know! Why do you think I go around creating my own den of demon girls?" He chuckled. "But, this, this idea of yours, is just insane! That woman- thing- beast- she’s on her own secluded island with her wicked sisters for a reason."
"But nothing. Even if SHE allowed you within ten feet of her, her sisters would politely rip your sorry corpse back into its pieces. Of course provided looking at you doesn’t freeze you dead. We’ve not established that you ARE immune, you know."
Frankie conked his forehead against the concrete table.
"Bashing out the few brains you have isn’t going to do you any good."
Frankie’s head smashed through the table. In two pieces, the slab split. The noise reverberated off of the stone wall’s
"I want her. HER!" Frankie’s frustration rumbled in his big barrel chest.,
"I know you’re disappointed with your maker. You had every right to destroy him and that she devil he created for you. But this? This is reckless."
Frankie stood and grabbed Drac by the throat. White fangs snapped. Long talon-like nails slashed as Drac struggled against Frankie’s wide, crushing grip.
"I’ll have her!" Frankie dropped Drac as quickly as he’d grabbed the vampire up.
Outraged blood foaming at the corners of his mouth. His eyes, hell fire red, smoked. In an instant he morphed into a giant bat and assaulted Frankie. Stiffly, Frankie fended off the great attack.
"Don’t ever do that again." Drac hissed and spit.
Frankie wiped the ooze from his face then slumped back into his chair.
"I’ll have her."
"Suit yourself you bag of dead bits and rot. I hope she kills you. IF you con kill a thing as hideous and dead as you already are!"
"You’re already dead, too. Most of us are." Frankie grumbled.
"But she’s not! What does that mean for the rest of us?" Drac flew out of the tower window. The Wolfman howled as he lead the pack over the grounds. Coffins, sarcophagi, bottles, urns, lamps spewed their contents as well, sending genie and vampires and ghosts and goblins amuck in the night time world.
But Frankie plotted. She wasn’t going to be an easy catch, particularly after that fiasco with Jason. The sisters would be much more vigilant. They probably had employed or threatened a whole army of harpies and Valkyrie to defend themselves. Frankie’s bolts sparked at the idea of Jason’s blade slicing through his loves throat. Wicked breeder! Then to carry her precious head to that hideous king! A stray bolt jolted the window casement. How to get to her and bring her back and keep every other ghoul fleshy, at least not stone...?
When the first cock crowed the residents of Castle Galdumeare wrestled themselves into their respective containers to await the first arms of darkness, The few, like Frankie, who were unconcerned with or not constrained by sunshine roamed the grounds or slept at will. Frankie simply locked live wires to his neck and recharged.

While electricity jostled his large, dull frame, it energized and galvanized his brain. Connected, hyped up on electric juice, Frankie felt as smart and sophisticated as Drac or the Swamp Thing. Get one of the flyers to do it or one of the class ten ghosts! Either would be capable of carrying my weight and hers. IF the flyers didn’t go too near the island, but dropped me into the ocean, they’d be unaffected. Since the class tens have no eyes in their gusty forms, they would likewise be unaffected. They might even be useful in dispersing the army the sisters surely had surrounding the island. Yes! Get the class tens but would they help?

*** to be continued*

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