Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I read over on Mary's blog about Scribd. I just wanted to try it out. So I uploaded three pieces. Here is the url. http://www.scribd.com/share/upload/12809453/24ph5dfa6tfnzuxhqume

Make sure to stop by Mary's page!


  1. "If you weren't weird in Peacock, then you weren't anything."

    LOL I love it! I didn't get to read all of your stuff yet. But it's great! I wish I could think and write poetically like you.

  2. Thanks Mary! I liek to play with words. They are like crayons and markers and paint for me. Words don't always have to mean what they seem to. So it is so fun to turn those things on their heads. I love my NANO novels:
    Fat Girls Don't Cry we Bounce
    Eat Pills Go Crazy
    Peacock Ohio

    I need to get them all edited so I can post them in Lulu.com and self publish! Well Norrey is already up on Lulu. It needs editing but I wanted to feel that final copy in book form. I nearly fell out in the floor when it arrived in the mail - a real book- 200+ pages- that I wrote!! AWESOME!!