Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer by JL Denman 2009


breezes breathe over green grass blades.
Yellow and red poppies play in the field
children in short frilly pastel plaid tops & bottoms dig in fresh dirt

Afternoon birds chirp in full flowered branches
Puppies cuddly puppy dos wag excited tails
Sun tanned boys in frayed baseball caps toss sticks and play fetch

Ice cream truck bells chime in the distance
grandmothers in housecoats fumble for change
Pre-teen hipsters blare hot summer tunes from antiquated boom boxes

5 o' clock chimes on the mantel clock over the dormant fireplace
drivers & pedestrians rush home through clogged avenues
fingers dial the local pizza shops and settle to movies with loved ones on the sofa

Summer is
that breathe
that comfy cushion
that breeze
that ice cream
that old familiar safety of Granny or Nanna
that deep in take
that sweet exhale
that subtle miraculous instant when nothing matters so much as that fresh, crisp, ice cold glass of water or that first delicious long pull on that cherry red and pineapple white and blueberry blue Fire cracker popcicle.

Summer... it's the aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after the storm.

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