Saturday, June 6, 2009

Haiku Fridays

Over on Myspace I belong to group called Haiku Fridays. These are a few I wrote in 2007 for the events.

Humid gaiety
children's watershed laughter
smothers summer love

weeping willow tears
dim marshes sultry essence
a southern death bead

#3 Crisp snow crunches down
Crystal sickles sparkle white
bleeding polar bears


not half full round moon
raging werewolves ramped
eat fury dreamings

#5 night birds sing last call
sun rise o'er dark waters
when will my time end?

#6 yellow daffodils
nod happy in the wind
child smells the way

above grey clouds pout
blue tears fall on mountain's back
nature nourishes

mountain mist covers
quiet swaddles the whole world
still patience imbibes

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