Friday, June 19, 2009

Fuel for the Soul

Fuel for the Soul 9/29/03

J. Denman

Hunger. A driving consuming need to feed. Nourishment and sustenance- the lack of which will cause unrelieved pain. Lack, hunger, unsatisfied desire. Hunger leads to self destruction. Original preservation transforms and mutates itself into self cannibalism. Stomach begins to feed upon itself. Acid chews through the lining to nourish the body’s other systems. Slowly, slowly the body kills itself to save itself. Gradually the original strength, vitality, luster, and cognizance fades, diminishes until a bland, wan shell remains.

Without God, the spirit of men and women do the same. Fuel for the soul- the essence that is human and Divine must be ingested. The word of God fuels the soul,. Word is life; it feeds and nourishes. They word through sermon, prayer, communion strengthens the spirit. Word instructs. It provides the needed substances to function properly. It allows the soul to "eat" and use its energy to build proteins. To apply meat. The instruction allows the soul to function within constructive limits.

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