Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sexy THing

Sexy thing by JLD
Sexy things. Things so sexy. Things that make you sweat and heave and giggle like drunk women on a Saturday night after midnight but 45 minutes before last call. Sexy things- things that make you dream about water and steam and soapy bubbles frothing in a hot tub. Sexy thing anything that makes you dare to lick your lips and swish your hips and call up an old flame named Ted. Or maybe his name was Denis, Thad, Thor, or Larry. Who cares as long as you pick up the phone and dial 1 800- Hot MOMMA for a HOT DADDY! Yes!
Sexy things. Those things that are simple when someone you really love comes around. S it a dozen roses or a new diamond ring? Is sexy that brand new house on Snob Nob Hill? Or is sexy thing that special back rub when you’ve had a bad day at work and your honey feels the need to pamper you and lavish you with rich sweets and tasty meats and candle light and fine drink? Maybe sexy is when he calls you on the phone just to say hello because he felt like it and he thought that maybe you’d enjoy hearing about the bird that woke him up singing a song about you even though of course it was just a black bird making a lot of noise, but who cares, it’s the thought that counts. Maybe sexy is just a simple pair of fishnet stockings and red ankle strap stilettos with 4 inch heels and a martini glass with a strawberry garnish.
No, sexy is lying on a chaise, being handed a fresh martini, and being fed richness, while being gifted a silver bangle. All of course coming from a man who trips over himself to let you know he thinks that you are sexy far beyond the time when the last call, drunk girls from the bars have gone home to some strange men’s houses and awakened in some strange men’s beds before those long walks of shame back home to start all over again come Friday night.

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